How to create a watercolor travel sketchbook.

Why the pocket notebook ?

... And why travel sketchbook in general. One might ponder why a painter would shift from canvases to sketchbooks, especially pocket-sized ones...

It's essential for a painter to "nourish" themselves outdoors, on-site, to provide substance for their creative process. The studio alone isn't sufficient. The travel sketchbook allows me to get to the heart of things. I dare without self-censorship; that's what it brings to me. I'm a highly curious watercolorist, always craving new experiences and journeys. Exploring the world.

Incorporating collages into my sketchbook pages enables me to introduce texture and structure. It guides me in constructing the starting point of my narrative. An etching, a musical score, a text, a word, a piece of colored paper, a newspaper clipping – they all serve as the voice and embodiment of humanity.

And when I return to the studio, eager to share my discoveries and journeys, I prepare these pocket-sized sketchbooks in which I select excerpts, fragments of elsewhere.

Creation and production of pocket notebooks

These pocket-sized notebooks are crafted in the studio, from design to printing.

Comment réaliser des carnets de voyage en carnet de poche étape 1

I carefully select excerpts from the pages in my notebooks, and the binding process holds great importance.

Comment réaliser des carnets de voyage en carnet de poche étape 2

The color of the cord or thread used relates to the theme, as do the stones, shells, and bells...

Comment réaliser des carnets de voyage en carnet de poche étape 3

Creating these "handmade & home made" notebooks allows me to engage with each item individually, giving it my full attention. It's a blend of publishing and artistry. The text written in each one, along with the stamps and small papers, whether torn or painted, bring to life what I put into each travel journal created during my journeys. Come and see where my painter's curiosity leads me; follow me, I'll take you along...

carnets de voyage et carnet de poche : étape 4
Aquarelle estuaire de la gironde
carnet de voyage italie
Carnet de voyage made in france

Le home made... à la française