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Why Watercolour

Painting is never innocent, and the subjects and themes are just pretexts for revealing a very personal way of painting. They inspire me with poetry, indefinable emotions and secrets.
A painting is not just a flat surface covered with colours here and there...

People are not represented figuratively in my watercolours, but they are very much present. In front of these roofs, these bistro terraces, windows open or closed, on the corner of the street, they are there, I see them, I hear them.

My Holy Grail is for you to take ownership of the beginning of my story and become an actor in it, you the person watching, continue with your words and I'll have succeeded in taking you somewhere else.

Watercolour has all the faults and qualities of a great medium, the mother and matrix of all techniques. Qualities I like: it can be done quickly, in the moment, in the moment, it brings out the light, it's transparent. Weaknesses: it doesn't allow for approximation, it leaves no room for cheating.

... Watercolour is an expression in its own right, in all its nobility... This medium cannot be mastered, it must be tamed...

I live, I follow, I contemplate, each day brings me a firmament of ideas [... ...] V. Hugo